Aion video podcasts talk east, west, global community

With those 400,000 who pre-ordered the game getting early access this Sunday, Aion is beginning its campaign to claim a chunk of the western MMO market in just a number of hours now. If you’re one of those pre-orderers and happen to be wondering around aimlessly looking to kill some time, here may be just the thing.

NCSoft has released the third and fourth video podcasts this week of what they’ve branded to be the biggest MMO launch of the year, offering a total of ~10 minutes worth of gameplay and developers chatting about what it’s like to make a game with two very different markets in mind and the community that ties them together. If you want to start at the beginning, the previous casts can be seen here and here.

Aion is officially launching next week, on the 22nd in the US and 25th in Europe.