Why has Alan Wake taken so long?

First announced at E3 2005, Remedy’s Alan Wake has been a long time coming. But why has it taken this long? In a Q&A with Siliconera, Matias Myllyrinne, the managing director at Remedy, reminds us that it’s all about quality and crafting something that would live up to “its full potential”.

“When the game is out there, and people put their hard earned money on the table, they need to know they are getting a Remedy experience and our brand is a seal of quality. If you see Remedy on a package you know you’re getting movie-like entertainment, a strong storyline, something compelling and unique,” Myllyrine said. “I think we’re really driven by our own quality standards in terms of what we want to achieve with storytelling and gameplay. We won’t put something OK out there to meet an arbitrary deadline.”

Alan Wake was nailed down for a Spring 2010 release at this year’s E3, and will receive nothing but feverish polish until that time.