5th Cell teases a ‘special announcement’ for Scribblenauts

Something is afoot over at the Facebook page for the recently released DS puzzle-platformer, Scribblenauts. Despite the fact that the game hasn’t even been on shelves for a week, developer 5th Cell is saying that they have a ‘special announcement’ to make regarding the game ‘very soon’. With the game already out, there’s almost no telling what this announcement could possibly entail, but a couple of the more sensible guesses are suggesting a Wii or iPhone port, the latter of which I think would be pretty rad. In fact, if 5th Cell is planning on porting Scribblenauts to iPhone, I’d say they should go ahead and throw in Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest as well.

Naturally, no other information has been provided, so we’ll just have to don our rooster hats and wait.