Video of the Week / September 20

The main issue with Assassin’s Creed was its über-repetitive nature, something Ubisoft been taken a lot of crap for and something they’re saying they’re paying extra attention to the second time around. So far they’ve been mostly talking, now they’re showing; In this developer diary Ubi sent out earlier in the week we see quite a few people trying to convince us that Ezio has taken a step away from his unimaginative ancestor and, we have to say, it’s kind of working.

Sebastian Nordlund: “Eddie Riggs is without a doubt a cool roadie, but due to the fact that I loved the first game despite its repetitive structure I’m inclined to go with Assassin’s Creed II this week. This developer diary has answered quite a few questions I had, showing the game’s diversity in narrative missions, side-missions and its story. If it’s as good as it’s hyped up to be, then this is a sequel that might just turn out to be one of my favorites this year.”

Emmanuel Petti: “I’m inclined to agree with Seb on this one. One of my biggest complaints with the first Assassin’s Creed was how repetitive it was. The fact that they recognize that and are making sure that players see and understand they’re making strides to fix that issue, speaks to me. I’m also a sucker for dev diaries as it’s always fascinating to get a peek into a word I only wish I could be a part of.”

We also liked:

Joshua Kopstein: “Getting to see his humble beginnings as a brooding but good-natured roadie really enhances my perception of Brütal Legend‘s main character, especially in the face of adversity from his comically mismatched employers. I’m also really fond of how this cinematic cleverly doubles as an in-game options menu, with cues to adjust preferences for violence and naughty language. Brütal Legend was one of the only games at PAX that I willingly waited over 30 minutes to play, and it was well worth it. ROCKtober can’t possibly get here fast enough.”