Martyrdom different in Modern Warfare 2, riot shields won’t be unfair

Call me a nitpicker, but I hate martyrdom. It’s a cheap way of scoring an extra kill off of someone who has taken the time and effort to kill you first. Before you start worrying about me, this is of course the controversial perk from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare‘s popular online mode. While some players love the ability to score easy kills by dropping a grenade upon their death, others feel its cheating and requires no skill.

Well for all those that hated it, fear not. The perk will return in Modern Warfare 2, the highly-anticipated sequel coming November 10th, but it’s been adjusted to fit in a little better with its other perky brothers and sisters.

“It’s not in the beta… I can’t talk about it!,” says Infinity Ward’s Joel Emslie, lead character artist on the game. “We are very, very aware of the community and what they like and don’t like, and Martyrdom has caught our attention. I’m happy with how the game is. It’s treated differently. And I will say this – it fits in perfectly.”

So it looks like its the end for all those frustrating deaths that have you throwing your controller at the screen and cursing the day you were born. But that wasn’t all Emslie had to say about the online, he also wanted to comment on the mixed fan reaction to the arrival of riot shields, which some feared would unbalance the game with near invulnerable players.

“There’s always a counter-measure to everything in the game,” Emslie commented in defence of the addition. “Every element that’s been added and is brand new to multiplayer has been painstakingly tested by us, our own worst critics.”

“We would add a new element, go play it, and then people would come storming into [lead multiplayer designer] Todd Alderman’s office to say, “Why did you change this?! What were you even thinking?! I played CoD 4 and this is the way I loved it! Why are you changing it?”. I can guarantee you that the stuff we pushed off to the side and didn’t put in the game would blow you away.” So it sounds like Infinity Ward are pretty confident that all the additions made to Modern Warfare 2’s online mode are going to make the game even more frantic and exciting. Based on their track record, we can be just as confident they know what they’re doing.