The first five minutes of Halo Legends

Buried in their landslide of of Halo 3: ODST coverage, Spike TV shared a five-minute preview of the upcoming Halo Legends anime.

One of seven shorts set in the ever-expanding Halo universe, Studio 4°C’s “The Babysitter” sees our favorite cybernetically enhanced Spartan soldier teamed up with a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, affectionately (and perhaps reverently) referred to as Helljumpers. Though the story’s still a mystery, as these scenes have been pulled out of context for preview purposes, it seems we’ll be getting our requisite dose of rivalry from the big eyed, spiky haired hot head of the team, who will of course later be saved from having his brains tickled with the business end of a Fist of Rukt by the legend himself. Whether you find the idea of a Halo anime awesome or atrocious, it’s still cool to see Master Chief pullin’ some straight up Bruce Lee moves on a 10-foot tall Brute.

Microsoft will start running Xbox Live previews of the remaining shorts comprising Halo Legends this November, though they had my money at “elbow check to the face,” with the full compilation releasing on DVD, Blu-ray and via digital distribution sometime next year.