A look inside the world of Brütal Legend

With just a few weeks left until ROCKtober, Double Fine’s art director Lee Petty is giving us a nice long look at the nightmarish world of Brütal Legend in this breathtaking video. Petty describes in detail the different factions of hellish denizens that inhabit the game’s world. From the heroic, leather-wearing Ironheade to the morbid minions of The Drowning Doom, it’s obvious that a great deal of thought went into giving each faction and their accompanying habitat a unique feel.

Petty cites everything from heavy metal album covers, high fantasy comic art and 15th Century painter Heironymus Bosch as inspiration for Brütal Legend‘s heavily stylized characters and landscapes. He even mentions a “tremendous amount of research into the S&M scene” regarding the design for the game’s demonic oppressors, The Tainted Coil, proving once and for all that there are situations in which looking at sadomasochistic pornography on the internet can be work-related. Bravo, Double Fine!