Aion to get updates annually

NCsoft, when not shooting gamer DNA into space which may “theoretically” rescue the human race, is known for continuing support for their products by providing yearly content updates. This trait will continue when speaking of their upcoming dual-world MMO, Aion.

“There will be at least one major update a year,” said brand manager Christian-Peter Heimbach. “You know this from our previous titles. We’re currently adjusting on how we’re going to make these available, but there will be free content updates for all players, and we’re looking then at how big the major updates will be.”

With over 400,000 preorders at last count, these updates are indeed going to be big, if not in content then definitely in distribution.

Pre-orderers got to jump into the game on Sunday. For everyone else, the MMO will go live in the US today and on Friday in Europe.