Alberto Mieglo’s beautiful The Beatles: Rock Band artwork

Sorry, images removed due to “lots of legal sensitivities.”

Artist Alberto Mielgo lifts the veil on the artwork he contributed to The Beatles: Rock Band, starting with the gorgeously rendered background used in Passion Picture’s psychadelic opening cinematic. The game’s first twenty seconds, which feature a camera panning across Liverpool’s rooftops, through its city streets and into its iconic Cavern Club in which the Fab Four perfected their signature sound, started as a single piece, he reveals on his blog.

“Many layers, hours of painting and thinking and Master AfterFx Jhonny Still makes this one of my favourites scenes,” he writes, adding that “this has been one of my favourites jobs EVER. The main reason: I’ve been asked to freely do whatever comes from my brush.”

An untethered artist makes for an unbelievably beautiful intro and outro animation sequence, so hats off to Passion Pictures and Harmonix for having the good sense to loosen the reins.