BioWare: More Mass Effect stories to tell “for sure”

While talking to TVGB at the Penny Arcade Expo, Mac Walters, the lead writer on Mass Effect 2, said there are plenty of events that could be covered that we don’t see in the games. When asked if there are any other snippets of time from either game that could be expanded upon, Walters said, “Oh for sure. For the first comic we said what we wanted it to be — something that’s very much in line with the game and feel like it’s part of the game. But for future volumes, if we wanted to, we could say ‘no, let’s go back in time, let’s go to another character who’s doing something at the same time Shepard going through this one experience.’

“It’s a huge universe and even within the timeframe of the game itself there’s so much that could be going on. So yeah, it really is limitless what we could do.”

And that’s what he would prefer — look back rather than forward, “Rather than go with something that’s brand new, I’d like to explore something that we’ve already done and expand it out; take something that people are already familiar with and then give it a whole story,” but the end of the day, “It’s more a matter of finding something that the fans really want and that they’d be really excited about.”