Here’s some info on The Witcher 2, don’t expect more for a while

Adam Kicinski, CEO of developer CD Projekt RED, has come forth to shed a little more light on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, a follow-up to their much loved RPG which we learned about last week when a video intended for potential publishers slipped their grasp.

In a short Q&A, Kicinski says the footage we saw was six months old and that a lot has changed since then. The admittedly horrid voice acting it turns out was done by CD Project’s employees and is most definitely not final, “…we are not planning to change RED into the world’s first non-native recording studio for English movies and games by using non-native non-actors. Don’t worry, we’ll stay in our day jobs. The voices in the video are not in any way final, and were only created for the purposes of the video. By the way – personally, I don’t like Geralt’s voice in this movie either ;).”

The game is being developed by the same people who were responsible for the first game, though there have been “some minor changes (50+ people remain from The Witcher’s development).”

The Witcher 2 is built on a brand new engine and will be released on the PC for sure with a console version also on the to-do list.

Any official announcements, trailers, or release dates, Kicinski warns, will not come any time soon, “…we do not plan any materials to be released soon. An official trailer and other stuff will be done with our publisher, and it won’t be very soon. Sorry.”