Thor capable of wielding his mighty hammer?

A few years ago Sega grabbed the videogame rights to Thor, a Marvel property that will be getting a movie release in 2011. The game is said to be released alongside the movie, similar to Iron Man and Iron Man 2, but so far Sega’s been awfully quiet on the title. Publicly at least.

But it appears Thor has reached a point where it can be shown off as that is exactly what Sony has requested. Coming once again from Sega’s poorly placed meeting notes, it is scribbled that “SCEA would like a look at the code soon.” So it sounds like it’s definitely available in playable form.

Those wondering if Disney’s recent acquisition of Marvel has had any effect on Thor, or Iron Man 2 and Captain America for that matter, need not fear as Sega reassures, “We’re hard at work on the Iron Man 2 game and committed to making all three of these titles hugely successful working right alongside the combined forces at Disney and Marvel.”