Bethesda announces second Wii game

Following the announcement of futuristic Wii racer WheelSpin, Bethesda have confirmed that a second title – Medieval Games – is set for release this November.

A fantasy-themed mini-game collection, Medieval Games is the work of N-Fusion Interactive, the studio behind 2007’s Hour of Victory.

“From battling dragons and storming the castle, to catapulting and archery contests, Medieval Games offers hours of fun for the entire family. Choose from a variety of colorful characters, such as the knight, princess, bard, or wizard as you compete in a variety of game modes. Tournaments and jousting await in this rich fantasy world!,” says the press release. What, no unicorns?

The news may come as a slight disappointment to those who listened to Bethesda earlier this year, when the publishers of the Elder Scrolls series, Fallout 3 and Wet announced their move into the Wii market.

Seemingly intent on producing quality mature titles for the platform, they said, “We’re not going to do a hamster simulator, it’s not us. We’re not going to produce games for girls or pet-sim products. There’s nothing to distinguish them from one another.”

Wii mini-game collections, however. Not many of them around.