God of War III demo included in upcoming Collection

There’s been a God of War III demo floating around for quite a few months now. First it hit E3 back in June, then made its rounds at Comic-Con, and finally made its way to PAX earlier this month. If you’ve been hip to the world of gaming news, you might’ve also heard that Sony is hard at work prepping a God of War Collection, which is, you guessed it, a collection of the first two games in the series, for release on the PS3 this November. While it might not be a full upgrade, the collection does present the PS2 classics in glorious 1280 by 720 high def with 2x anti-aliasing for those who hate jaggies with a fiery passion.

So we’ve got a raved about demo and a hotly anticipated collection, both pertaining to the same much loved franchise. Why not combine the two and make every Kratos fanboy’s (or those outside Europe at least) holiday season the best ever? Consider it done. Sony has announced that those who purchase the God of War Collection on Nov. 11 will receive a voucher to download the God of War III demo for free through PSN. That should be plenty to keep us all occupied until the full game is released this coming spring.