New videos reveal 8-bit minigames in No More Heroes 2

Anyone who’s played it will tell you that despite being a brilliant satirical parody of modern game design, the mandatory minigames in the original No More Heroes were a tad grating on the nerves, to say the least. Fortunately, if there’s one game designer out there that truly knows his audience, it’s Suda51. In his previous video, Suda teased some retro-style 8bit minigames that will be appearing in No More Heroes 2. Now you can check out two of those ‘part-time job’ minigames in action: a steak cooking job, and a 2-D coconut collecting mission similar to the one in the first game. Maybe it’s just me and my love of things made from tiny squares and lo-fi audio, but it seems like this will make the minigames in No More Heroes 2 significantly more bearable than those in the first game. I also secretly wish that my boss sounded like the voice in that steak cooking game whenever he talked. “Well done!”