Assassins Creed II: Discovery announced for the DS

It looks like the Wii is now the only system left out of the upcoming Assassins Creed splurge of gaming. The 360 and PS3 have Assassins Creed II, the PSP has Bloodlines and now the DS version of Assassins Creed, titled Assassins Creed II: Discovery has been officially announced. The game had already been given away by those pesky retailers, but now we have some official information on it.

Those of us looking for more Altair’s Chronicles action (all of whom must be sadomasochists), are not in luck as the series second foray into action on the DS is under a new development team in the form of Griptonite Games, who are making Bloodlines and also the DS version of Web of Shadows, which was pretty solid. The game promises more platforming action, smooth animations and a quest to save the world and the new world all in one action packed sweep. Hopefully, the controls are down a bit more as the game seems to emphasize speed and movement for the gameplay.

If Griptonite delivers we could have a seriously cool platformer on our hands.