Dragon Age composed by industry veteran Inon Zur

Enjoyed the musical backdrop in Crysis and Fallout 3? What about the latest Prince of Persia game, the music there was pretty damn good wasn’t it? Inon Zur, the man responsible for composing those those games, and many other, was also tapped to compose the epic score to BioWare’s upcoming equally epic Dragon Age: Origins, it was announced today.

Dragon Age: Origins‘ audio director Simon Pressey sounds pleased with the choice and says he’s “awestruck with Inon’s ability to tap into the essence of a project.” So we guess Inon won’t disappoint.

If you can’t wait to hear the score and happen to be in Australia this Saturday then you may want to drop by the Sydney Entertainment Centre for A Night in Fantasia 2009 where the score will be performed live. If not, the soundtrack will become available alongside the game starting November 3.