Final Fantasy XIV eager to get out there

Despite the fact that we’re still waiting on its preceding installment, Square Enix has given us a taste of Final Fantasy XIV. The video above is another trailer from TGS this week, and it goes a little in more in depth with the backstory of the realm and how its citizens spend most of their free time hanging out in a mystical pub. It has some other typical FF stuff including bigass crystals, people with animal ears, epic landscapes, and weird but familiar monsters to fight.

Revealed at E3 in June and coming out next year, this is the second Final Fantasy title to go the way of the MMO. Their website has more info about the races, skills, and general operations of the world of Eorzea. You can also find details about their beta testing so if you’re into MMOs or you just feel like skipping past Final Fantasy XIII, then check it out.