Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo available now

Every once in a while in the gaming world, something really good happens, something that makes you go, “Wow, did I read that right? That can’t be true.” Today is one of those days. As you may well know, Konami are handing out a downloadable demo for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker at their booth at TGS this week. Jealous of all the lucky souls that are feasting on Snake right now over in Japan? Don’t be.

You can have the demo all for yourself, courtesy of IGN. The demo offers the first 3 areas of the single-player campaign and 2 missions that can be played with the game’s co-op mode. Want it? Then all you need to do is take your PSP, plug it into your computer, and drop the file into the game folder once it’s downloaded. Just bear in mind that the demo is in Japanese. The menus are easy to navigate, but don’t expect to have a clue of what’s going on in the game’s trademark cutscenes (beautifully illustrated by Ashley Wood, I might add).

Peace Walker isn’t due out until next year, so for everyone to get their hands on the game this early is pretty exciting.