Trials HD passes 300,000 mark in sales

I sometimes get so frustrated with this Trials HD game that I just throw my controller down and walk away in disgust. As someone who spent time in the military and in restaurant employment, frustrating me is not an easy thing to do, so bravo to RedLynx on that note. Do not fret though, as I go right back to the game like Tina went back to Ike. And apparently, I am not alone.

After just a month on the virtual store shelves, Trials HD has been purchased over 300,000 times. “It’s a remarkable and proud moment for us to have Trials HD as one of the highest-ranked games among Xbox Live Arcade users, and one of the best-selling Xbox Live Arcade games this year,” said RedLynx boss Tero Virtala.

Costing 1200 Microsoft Points, perform a little math and that adds up being a whole lot of points and even more of a reason to expect more games along the same lines. Until the inevitable, we can keep yelling at the TV screen with the upcoming DLC.