XBL DLC limit 2GB, it turns out

Downloads seem to be getting bigger and bigger, in both size and popularity. The high-selling XBLA title Shadow Complex is just shy of taking up one gig of your hard drive. The latest DLC for Command & Conquer 3 is double that. So how large will Microsoft let the downloads get? The answer is not much bigger than that.

IGN sat down with Scott Austin, director of digital games for Microsoft, at TGS and asked about the size limit on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Microsoft has made limitations before, at 50 MB and 150 MB, presumably for logistical and server-related reasons. But the current limit is 2 GB and it’s actually a system limitation; the system can’t operate with DLC packs larger than that.¬†Yet the Games on Demand that are available have a different file structure and are not limited like DLC, which makes full-sized game downloads possible. So developers will just have to keep in mind that if they want to make extra multiplayer maps, they’ll have to chop them up to fit into a 2 GB bag.