A Natal-enabled Fable “wouldn’t surprise” Microsoft

One of Micosoft’s biggest first party games getting the Natal treatment shouldn’t come as a shock to too many people. It certainly wouldn’t surprise Microsoft Game Studios’ corporate vice president Phil Spencer.

During an interview at TGS, after praising Lionhead for being “a real innovation studio” for Microsoft and reminding that Fable II episodic releases on Xbox Live this week, Spencer said it “wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Natal found its way into future iterations of Fable.”

While this certainly doesn’t act as confirmation of next year’s Fable III being Natal enabled, we would be surprised if Peter Molyneux, who loves to use the “innovate” word in his presentations, would miss the chance of making his franchise one of the first to use the 360’s motion controls. Lionhead, who were responsible for E3’s Milo demo, were one of the first to get their hands on Natal after all.