Katamari Forever launch trailer

This launch trailer for Katamari Forever gives some real insight into the gamemakers’ state of mind, chock full as it is of none too subtle drug references.

In honor of the PlayStation 3 exclusive’s release, monkey and rooster are back to share over gorgeous game footage such telling bon mots as “Am I seeing things?,” “There goes a giant mushroom!,” “I wanna eat cookies!,” and “We got rolled.” Even if those dancing robots are really there, and not the result of downing a bag full of the bad shit, it’s a safe bet these puppets have “felt the cosmos” before. I don’t know what drug they’re on, but whatever it is I hope they never run out as Katamari Forever looks to return to the series’ roots, with the same crazy story, colorful graphics and simple gameplay that made me fall in love with the original.