It’s free-to-play with Joy Ride

Microsoft is always trying to push Xbox Live further, innovating in any way possible. The next goal is to deliver Joy Ride, developed by Big Park, as the first ever free-to-play Xbox Live Arcade game in which you will put your avatar behind the wheel and drive through a Grand Canyon-inspired location in a wildly manner. You can pimp your car and dress your avatar via microtransactions, then head out to the road and make a name for yourself, styling in every curve and on seriously big airs. It also promises to change and evolve as more people join the fun.

We have yet to see what “innovative” features this game will be capable of delivering as part of a free-to-play business model, but we’ll have to wait just a little bit longer. As of yet, no definitive release date has been given, but expect Joy Ride to hit 360s this holiday.