Japanese top talent’s thoughts on Natal

Microsoft’s Tokyo Game Show press kit held seven videos of some of Japanese best and brightest talking about the experiences they’ve had with Project Natal so far and what kind of gameplay opportunities they see it offering and themselves making.

Namco Bandai’s Yozo Sakagami says they were “like kids with a new toy” when they got their hands on Natal and that “it’d been a while since we had so much fun” or seen “anything as innovative.” Capcom’s Keiji Inafune, who was just outspoken about the state of Japan’s game industry, believes many developers are “suppressed or even bored with the current trend of game development” and that Natal will bring on a challenge to produce “something beyond what we are so used to doing.” Konami’s Kenichiro Imaizumi promises to create “something that has no limitations. Ideas from outside the box,” while Masanori Takeuchi from FromSoftware wants to “expand the current gaming experience, rather than to evolve gaming into something irrelevant to current gamers.”

Watch all seven ~1min30sec clips below.