Long lines to be expected for Modern Warfare 2

At the risk of stating the obvious, which we’re about to do, you should be in the know of what HMV’s head of games Tim Ellis had to say about the launch — or “D-Day” as he refers to it — of Modern Warfare 2.

In recent talks with MCV, Ellis pointed out that “Modern Warfare 2 is one of, if not the, most eagerly awaited games of all time,” which we knew, adding that “customer expectations are very high and we are confident this will lead to record sales numbers at launch,” which we also knew. He’s also confident about Modern Warfare 2 being the “the biggest game in the series,” something that Kathryn Hinton of GAME and Gamestation seems to agree with, saying that “from everything we’ve seen, it’ll deliver,” something we’ve also known to be aware of.

Activision UK MD Andrew Brown has also been talking to MCV about Infinity Ward’s latest, saying that “expectations are extremely high and rightly so,” adding that the awaited game “will justify all of the excitement and expectations.” We told you we would be stating the obvious. Next, please…