PSP Go bulks up to be backwards compatible

Any PSP owners hoping to upgrade to the new PSP Go on its release next week will no longer be left with a mountain of useless accessories, providing they purchase Sony’s rather bulky adapter. The new multi-functional port on the Go would ordinarily render all old cables and chargers useless, but the new adapter will convert this port to the standard mini-USB found on the original models.

Sony is obviously charging for the adapter, with the price yet to be confirmed. However, there seems to another cost for recycling your old cables, and that is a serious reduction in portability as well as looks. If you don’t mind sitting on a train clutching a steering wheel, or carrying your PSP around in its own mini briefcase, then you should be fine. Otherwise, if you’re rich enough to shell out on an upgraded version of the portable device despite already owning the old PSP, perhaps you can stump up a few extra bucks for the new accessories too. Sony will probably love you either way.