Sony says no to UMD Transfer Program

Anticipation has been building for the Sony’s latest portable device, the PSP Go, with much of the buzz being dedicated to its promise to deliver digital download based gaming to the masses.

However, while that premise sounds promising, the fact remains that more PSP games exist that are on physical media rather than being digitally compressed. How will Sony accommodate those gamers that want their favorite titles but can’t get them digitally?

Apparently, if this report is any indication, Sony will pretty much leave you high and dry if you are not in the U.S., as there is no plans in that territory for a proposed UMD Transfer Program. In the UK though, there is a slight substitute, as they will plan to offer PSP users there “three free games of their choice.” The games that these users can choose from are here.

For me, it makes me enjoy my PSP 3000 that much more, and it also makes me wonder what place, if any, Sony’s newest device will have in the world of gaming.