7 days around the MMO world / September 27

In a week where two MMOs get launched all other MMO news seems to shut down, especially when one of those MMOs is a news dominating force like Aion. Despite that gloomy fact, there has been a lot going on with Aion and Fallen Earth which both saw official releases this week.

We’re happy to report that the launch of Aion seems to be red hot with those 400k pre-orders diving head first into the lush CryEngine-powered world so much so that it has caused massive server queues. If you’ve been trying to play Aion lately then you’ll have noticed the long several hour wait in line. Bummer right? Fortunately NCSoft recognizes the high demand for the game and has since added a new west coast server and has plans to add another east coast server and new EU server.

They’re also managing the balance of the servers very well, locking out players completely or locking out to one faction only. This isn’t normally as important as other MMOs but in Aion faction balance is important when you consider that a lot of the end game revolves around player vs player scenarios. If one side had significantly more players than the other, playing in the PvPvE zones would be frustrating for the underdog side thus creating an undesirable playing experience.

Right before the game’s official launch NCSoft patched the game with one final patch removing the much despised GameGuard form the game. GameGuard is a 3rd party app designed to help stop players from hacking and using bots to cheat with in the game. However the program was under a lot of heat because of many issues it was causing for players. We’re not sure if GameGuard is gone for good or if NCSoft will be looking to do their own like World of Warcraft has with Warden but either way we’re happy GameGuard is gone in its current form.

In the shadow of the massive launch seen by Aion another completely different MMO launched with Fallen Earth, the post-apocalyptic MMO. Despite that the launch has been so far so good with the number one complaint being about the female character models. Yes so it seems that the females in the game aren’t girly enough for the players of Fallen Earth.

However apparently players appreciated the fact that Fallen Earth didn’t put an emphasis on sexuality in the game by not creating a stereotypical “babe” according to a recent interview. “The feedback was actually offered from both genders. We had also heard that many people appreciated the fact that we didn’t put an emphasis on the sexuality of the female characters to the point of making them unrealistic. Keeping both sets of comments in mind, our job was to improve the femininity of the female characters somewhat without sacrificing the elements of realism and individuality we’d worked to achieve,” explained Jessica Orr, the product manager of Fallen Earth.

Unfortunately we’re going to have to disagree with Orr’s assessment. It appears by the screenshots that they’ve abandoned the ambiguous sexuality and replaced it with stereotypical “babe.” Are we to expect that they’re aren’t babes in the post-apocalyptic future? Of course there are but not all women would be of the “babe” quality. Perhaps what should be done is have two options, the option to create a normal woman and an option to create a “babe” that way players who want to stick to realism can and other who want idealism can go with that too.

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