PlayStation Store gearing up for PSP Go release next week

Next Thursday is October 1st. Do you know what that means? It means that Sony’s PSP Go finally hits stores with a sliding screen, no UMD drive, and a questionable price. With the fully digital platform unleashed, consumers will likely be rushing to the PlayStation Store to fill up their 16GB of memory with games, videos and themes.

Fortunately, the PS Store update on the very same day will be there to make sure people have plenty to do with their new piece of kit. SCEE’s PS Store team member, Mike Kebby says, “Next week sees a LOT of PSP content coming to the store. I’m probably going to be quite sparse with comments this week because I have so much planning to do for next week…but I hope next week you’ll all agree it’s worth it.” So be sure to hop onto the store next week where you should see a whole host of new PSP games, including the launch of the recently announced PSP minis that will satisfy your snack sized gaming fixes.

Its not just about the PSP of course, as Kebby went on to mention that more dynamic themes will be hitting the PS3, and Turtles in Time will finally see the light of day on the EU Store.