Video of the Week / September 27

Eddie Riggs, the coolest roadie on the block. We feel like we know him, we digg him, he’s our pal, he’s the heavy metal alter ego of us all. But considering how much we’ve seen of him and the adventures he’s about to embark on, being a brütal legend, we have very little ideas of what to expect once we get there, to that place. What does that world beyond our own have in store for our eyes? Addressing these wonderings, Double Fine went loose and gave us a grand tour of the places and visuals of the world Brütal Legend. It’s mesmerizing, in an extremely heavy metal kind of way.

Eric Wigdahl: “Usually my vote gets decided by the badassery of a video, but I think there’s a lot to be excited about the whole of Brütal Legend, including the art style. And getting to hear some specific notes about how much effort went into designing this fantasy realm of awesome reassures me that everyone working on the project was as exciting as Mr. Schafer has been. And if you get the whole development team personally invested like this, chances are you’re going to wind up with something special. So kudos to Double Fine.”

Joshua Kopstein: “It’s obvious from Lee Petty’s video that Double Fine has done their homework in regards to the game’s unique art style. Each region of the game’s world seems to perfectly reflect the character of its inhabitants, and makes for a visually diverse yet cohesive setting. It was also really neat to see how the team’s wide assortment of artistic influences came together to produce this interesting and consistent visual style.”

Chad George: “My vote is with Joshua and Eric this week. While seeing an amazingly young Sam Fisher snap necks and shoot people in the back, the coward, while numbers fly by his head causes a man-gasm most times, nothing can compare to getting a deep look behind the scenes of a face rocking game. Not even the Dead Space: Extraction scarefest can top a video that contains references to both medieval artists and sadomasochism.”

We also liked:

Raphael Cua: “I’m a huge fan of the original Dead Space and this trailer promises to bring a moody and atmospheric experience on the Wii. Mature titles have notoriously failed on the Wii, but Visceral Games is hoping to buck that trend. From the looks of this release trailer, they just might succeed. It’s enough to convince me to pick up the title this week.”

Sebastian Norldlund: “I’m all for well-executed horror games and Tim Schafer’s magical brain, but despite the Dead Space trailer being, well, horrific and the amazing inside-look into the world of Brütal Legend, I’m going with Sam Fisher’s Splinter Cell: Conviction. I might have Sam sneak up on me and kill me in a not so “grandmother” way for saying this, but I’ve never liked the Splinter Cell franchise. I’ve always thought of it being quite dull and slow what with all the stealth going on, but when I saw this latest trailer, two things got me all worked up: a release date was given – albeit not the one that I’d like for the game to have – and the fact that this was not, in any way, stealthy. Sam tears this s*** apart like nobody’s business. And that option of being able to choose whether I want to panther my way in or blow the f***ing place up, that’s a winner in my book.”