Ezio will age through Assassin’s Creed II

How exactly does a noble-born lad from 15th century Italy become an assassin? His parents drop him on his head as a baby? His first girlfriend dumps him in high school and the only way he copes is by political assassinations and listening to Something Corporate?

The real answer will be found out in Assassin’s Creed II. Edge Magazine sat down with creative director Patrice Desilets and was told that when Desmond uses the Animus in the upcoming game, he’ll start out as baby Ezio and work his way from ages 17 to 45. While going through the protagonist’s lifetime, he will gain more skills and even be able to invest in his community. Also, Ezio inherits his family’s villa and players can choose to spruce it up and make it the assassin’s home approved by Martha Stewart. This is part of Ubisoft’s strategy to reduce the monotony in the formula from the original game. The large span of time will most likely be linked to the over-arching story, which should only prove helpful and more interesting than when Fable did the same thing.