Final Fantasy XIII trailer brings on the epic

Lets get one thing straight first; we’ve got no idea what the hell is going on in this majestic 7 minute-long trailer for Final Fantasy XIII, but it makes us all tingly inside anyway.

Emerging from this month’s Tokyo Game Show, the trailer is – guess what!? – in Japanese. But it doesn’t matter. The cheesy J-pop balladeering, freaking gorgeous graphics, tasty gameplay footage and massive dose of Days of Our Lives melodrama more than make up for it.

Can FFXIII save the JRPG? Let’s hope so.

Also, just as a side note: We’ve all come to expect and shrug off Japanese representations of sexualised underage girls, like the one in this trailer. But should we? Do you think people would be so cool about a thigh-high stockings and micro-skirt clad little girl flouncing around in Gears of War or Half-Life? Or does the fact it’s Japanese make it ok?

This isn’t an attack, you understand – there are far worse examples than FFXIII to be found out there. It’s just a talking point. Let us know what you think.