Forza 3 dev says 360 not yet “maxed out”

Forza Motorsport 3 is undoubtedly a visually impressive racer, as noted in our hands-on time earlier this month. With a robust physics engine, 10 times more polygons than its predecessor and all running on a solid 60 frames per second, Forza 3 is going to be the racer to beat when it comes out this October on the Xbox 360. But despite all the magic voodoo that Turn 10 has performed on Microsoft’s console to churn out the realistic visuals, they reckon they haven’t fully utilized the system yet.

Forza 3 game director Dan Greenawalt spoke with Videogamer about all the power the Xbox 360 has left to be tapped. “Have we maxed out the 360? Of course not. It’s a really powerful system,” says Greenawalt. He further clarifies how they go about harnessing all that power, “When it comes to hardware you always use 100 per cent. Even to make a little arcade game, you’d use 100 per cent of the hardware. But when you’re first party, and when you’ve got a really clever development staff that’s world class, hired from all over the industry, then you learn tricks. It’s like Tetris.

“With Forza 2 we were the first game on the 360, at least that I know of, that could do 60 frames per second. And we did a lot of things wrong when we built our model. We did some things right, but just like a jigsaw puzzle, the first time you build it, it takes an hour, and the second time you build it, it takes half an hour. Eventually it just takes 15 minutes, because you learn how to build it faster.”

Well, that seems easy enough. Game development is like Tetris. Line up and stack blocks on top of each other and the end result is Forza 3.