Best Modern Warfare 2 experience is on 360, Microsoft says

Well, this is no shocker. Microsoft Senior Regional Director for Entertainment, Neil Thompson, told MCV that Modern Warfare 2 will be best experienced on the Xbox 360. You don’t say.

“We want to offer people the best possible Modern Warfare 2 experience,” said Thompson. “We firmly believe that with LIVE services, the quality of the gaming experience on 360, and all the new ways we can get consumers engaged with the IP that Xbox is the best platform to experience this great game.”

He then went on to say, “we firmly believe that 360 will be the lead sales platform for Modern Warfare 2.”

Thompson’s words should come as no surprise really since the original Modern Warfare did sell more copies on the 360 than it did on the PS3 and PC. I myself will actually be picking up MW2 for my 360, instead of my new PS3 Slim. How bout you guys? Are you picking up MW2 for the 360, PS3 or PC? Hit up the comments section and let us know.