New Splinter Cell “meant for” Xbox 360

Any time a company publicly states that they are choosing one console over another, the floodgates open and waves of comments from supporters and detractors begin to roll in. Ubisoft, either not knowing of this occurrence or, most likely, wanting to stir up the fan base to keep the coverage rolling, has fired the first shot for Splinter Cell: Conviction by saying that the game is “meant for the Xbox 360.”

“There’s going to be a really strong partnership with Microsoft,” said producer Alexandre Parizeau. “Obviously we’ll do everything that we can do to make sure that the experience is indebted with whatever the Xbox has to offer. I want to make sure that when the game hits the shelves the disc will ‘meld’ with your Xbox 360 – it’s meant for the Xbox 360 and it will show.”

Turning the discussion towards console exclusivity, Parizeau said, “it’s really cool to be able to focus technology on one platform, to be able to really exploit it to the maximum of its capacity.”

Always wondered why those goggles were Xbox green.