Nintendo downloads for the week of Sept. 28

It is time, once again, to look toward the trio of Nintendo download services and be vastly underwhelmed… oh wait, what might this be? There are actually some interesting titles available for download this week, even for the DSi. Art Academy: Second Semester (Nintendo, Players: 1, E, 800 DSi Points) continues where the original portable art course Art Academy left off and provides a bigger tool set, Free Paint mode, and in-depth lessons based on famous artists’ techniques. For those looking to destroy instead of create, Dragon Quest Wars (Square Enix, Players: 1-4, E, 500 DSi Points) puts our favorite Dragon Quest monsters into our pockets for a grid-based strategy game that is playable in single player mode, as well as DS Wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi.

WiiWare remakes an old-school classic with Arkanoid Plus! (Taito, Players: 1-2, E, 600 Wii Points) a remake of the classic arcade quarter thief. The basic gameplay is unchanged, with the VAUS guiding an energy ball around the screen to destroy various colored blocks. Game modes change things up by offering 61 rounds in Arcade mode, a face off against the CPU or friends in versus mode, and battle against the clock in Time Mode. Keeping up the frantic action is DriiFT Mania (Konami Digital Entertainment, Players: 1-8, E, 800 Wii Points) which offers multiplayer racing in top-down mode.

Finally, the Virtual Console delivers nostalgia once again. Zeus has commanded Altered Beast (SEGA, Players: 1-2, E10+, 1000 Wii Points) to “Rise from your grave!” Memories of walking through the local arcade washed over us as we read those words. We cannot wait to again rescue Athena, Zeus’ daughter, from Neff, God of the Underworld. Where are the spirit balls to collect that let us turn into the Golden Werewolf, just point in the general direction.