ODST has “connections” to Reach, Bungie says

Bungie has revealed that Halo 3: ODST has “connections” to next year’s Halo: Reach.

Speaking in OXM’s lastest issue, Joe Staten, Writer and Creative Director at Bungie, said “it made a lot of sense to us” to link to the two Halo games together. “The Halo Universe has always had these interconnections but when we made ODST we had the luxury of knowing the Halo game we were going to make next. So it made a lot of sense to us to put those kind of connections in.”

Those of you have already played through ODST should have noticed the references to what happened on planet Reach through the graffiti tagged around the streets and walls of New Mombasa and even a few lines from Buck, who’s a Reach veteran.

“We certainly put Buck in as a representative of Reach,” Statten said. “Buck has very specific lines about what he witnessed on planet Reach and we absolutely wanted to telegraph some of that stuff. Whether or not he’s going to show up in Halo Reach we’re not talking about / have no idea.”

Be on the look out for Halo: Reach sometime in 2010.