Sackboy’s journal, October 1st, 2009: Check the PlayStation Store

We all have costume sets we dream of getting the LittleBigPlanet treatment; Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Uncharted, you name it, someone wants a sackboy dressed in it (easy now). But being such a family friendly title, surely no one expected to see the little guy put on the costumes of the exceedingly violent graphic novel, Watchmen.¬†Despite this¬†you’ll soon be able to play as the characters from Alan Moore’s masterpiece, just this time in a game that’s actually good.

The design’s are based off of the movie costumes, meaning while everybody’s favorite Rorschach and Silk Spectre look pretty much the same, Nite Owl and Ozymandias look radically different to their comic counterparts. Thursday’s PS Store update is already anticipated due to the PSP Go’s launch, but now there’s just a little bit more to look forward to.

Of course, we must hope this content will be fairly priced, otherwise the Sony executives and Media Molecule developers will look up and shout “Buy it!”… and I’ll whisper “No.”