Street Fighter rumors to be new warrior?

Just a few days ago, we informed about Street Fighter IV possibly getting a sequel – doubtful, but possible. It was a juicy rumor going around the internet, hence our careful approach towards it.

If we may, we’d like to point you to the official website of Capcom Japan. Once there, apart from the awesome-looking teaser in true Street Fighter IV art style, take a look at the address field and you’ll notice how it says “newwarrior,” or in non-internet language, “New Warrior.” Our thoughts on the matter? This is not a sequel nor in-between games as the rumors have it. This will most likely be DLC, containing a new playable character, probably coming with new moves and possibly a new location – or fighting arena if you will. As you might probably also note, below the teaser is a date and time for the unveiling of whatever this is all about, September 29th at 5 pm, Japanese time.

Bear in mind that there are still no facts about what the announcement is or will be about.┬áThese are nothing more than our thoughts here on TVGB.┬áBut as much as we’d like to think greatly of ourselves, we value your thoughts way more than our own. So, in the spirit of sharing, what do you think?