Super Street Fighter IV screenshots leaked

Capcom Japan recently teased an upcoming announcement regarding Street Fighter IV on their official website. With their “newwarrior” address hinting at…well…a new warrior in the Street Fighter IV universe, Capcom has had the internet abuzz with rumors and speculation on what they’re announcing on Sept. 29, 5PM Japan Standard Time. French gaming news site JV247 got the jump on Capcom with some allegedly leaked screenshots of a couple new characters and even a shiny new logo for Super Street Fighter IV. According to the screenshots, it looks like Capcom will be introducing T. Hawk and a brand new character, Juri, a female fighter who looks like she came straight out of Harajuku and obviously has no plans of reproducing thanks to Vega/M. Bison.

There’s no news yet on whether Super Street Fighter IV will be an entirely new title or if it’s going to be a DLC add-on, but Capcom Japan will have the official announcement pretty soon.