Zevran the assassin revealed for Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins expands on its family of misfits, introducing Zevran, an assassin who joined the order of The Crown without having much say in the matter, according to the video above. Raised amongst “whores,” as Zevran himself puts it, this assassin is recruited to join the Alistair, Leliana and the rest of the crew which, according to Morrigan, is “a fine plan.” He swears his¬†allegiance to the party, giving the party reason enough to be in doubt what with him being an assassin and all.

Dragon Age: Origins is now slated for a November 3rd release in North America and November 6th in Europe on Xbox 360 and PC after being hit by the freight train of delays. The PS3 version will be release later on during said month.