Australia still banning adult games, Big Brother still watching you

With all the makings of a John Grisham legal thriller, the nation of Australia is continuing its ban on videogames with mature content. The ban’s genesis stems from the fact that Australia does not have an adult rating for games. As such, any games deemed as adult are automatically excluded from being allowed within the country’s borders. Even more arcane is the fact that this law banning mature games can only be changed if all of Australia’s Attorneys General agree to it. Needless to say, at least one AG is bucking at the idea of young Aussie youths and “vulnerable adults” being corrupted by the malevolence of pixelated blood and gore.

By the rest of the world’s standards, Australia’s outright ban on mature games seems pretty extreme, if not downright hypocritical – the country currently allows the commercial screening of R-rated movies, just like any other advanced nation.¬†And seriously, people, have you seen some of the “adult” game content out there? If there’s one thing that can promote abstinence in today’s teens, it’s showing them a collection of cheesy video clips from Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties.