Earthworm Jim remake details wiggle in

One of the best games from the mid-90s is making a comeback in the digital distribution realm and not with simply just a shiny new veneer. It appears that the remake being distributed on iPhone, WiiWare, Xbox Live and PSN will feature a re-worked code base underneath the high-res visuals. The new code will allow for extra features including difficulty levels and online leaderboards.

When you combine the extra features with all new high-res visuals the new Earthworm Jim should provide many hours of hilarious slap-stick cartoon gaming joy. Out of all the games that could see a visual upgrade and re-release we’re happy that this one got picked out of the crowd. Maybe pending upon the success of this redux we can lobby to get a redux of the animated series done in full HD. That’s maybe shooting too high, but we can dream can’t we?