Fan feedback has made Mass Effect 2 “a much, much better game”

Developer BioWare, respected and revered for the crazy level of detail they put into their role-playing games, aren’t about to short change gamers now that they cranking out the sequels. In fact, they’re working with them to make the sequels even more certifiably badass than the originals. In an interview with Gamasutra, BioWare’s Greg Zeschuk explains how returning to an existing property actually allows the studio more creative freedom, improving the old gameplay while exploring the new.

“We always make our games in a way where we’re sure there’s always something to learn from,” said Zeschuk. “That’s one thing about our culture that’s very active. Everything we do is a learning experience. Every release and every product is an opportunity to learn something.”

“I think you’ll see that Mass Effect 2 is a gigantic culmination of learnings from Mass Effect. Mass Effect was a great game, but Mass Effect 2 is a much, much better game. All the things we heard the fans say, all the things we felt when we released – all these things, we improved.”

Anyone in doubt, please direct your attention to the green-hued gentleman above. Drellian. Assassin. Certified Badass.