Need for Speed Shift console demos coming October 1st

That was probably the most dull, straight forward and to-the-point title we could come up with. Anyways, EA dropped the firecracker – because there was no “bomb” here, – giving us a release date of something we already knew was coming, the Need for Speed Shift demo for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. It’ll drift its way (pun, right there!) onto the platforms come October 1st, which is only two days from today, on Thursday.

The demo promises rides in the likes of the BMW M3 (E46), the 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10, the 2006 Lotus Elise 111R, 2008 Nissan GT-R and the 2006 Pagani Zonda F which will be an unlockable. You’ll be able to take on two tracks, one being the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, which is a whooping 7 km long Belgian track, giving you enough time and space to hear the shriek of the wheels against the asphalt as you slide off it and crash, at which moment you will see nothing but the oh-so talked about cockpit blur effect. And the second track available will be the tight city circuit of London River.

EA ended the press release accolading their racer with fancy words and mentioning the high review scores the game’s been given.