Ezio will get lucky in Assassin’s Creed II

If you know the game is going to be rated M for Mature, you might as well pump the sex in, right?  Just like the minigame from God of War and the very easy side of Bayonetta. Turns out that Assassin’s Creed II will have some sex along with the piles of violence. “Ezio is a womaniser,” responded game director Benoit Lambert to a question from a VG247 reader, “There’s a bit of sex. I can’t say more.”

But knowing those guys at Ubisoft, their sequel will no doubt have some good reason for giving their game’s hero some game. My guess is Ezio will have the mad playa skillz to seduce his target’s wife and interrogate her horizontally instead of beating the crap out of some dude in an alley like in the original. Maybe Leonardo Da Vinci will be Ezio’s wingman; I hear chicks totally dig artists as well as homicidal noblemen. Of course this is all speculation and we won’t know for sure until Assassin’s Creed II arrives in November.