Next Dead Space out of pre-production in a few months

EA has never been very good at trying to keep the development of Dead Space 2 a secret. Ex-executive producer Glen Schofield has confirmed it, social networking has said it, some even say both Dead Space 2 and 3 are in development simultaneously. And now we’re back to another LinkedIn entry which states that Visceral Games is looking for a full-time lead combat & controls designer for the “Dead Space franchise on Xbox360 and PS3.”

If anyone’s still doubting the sequel’s existence, now would probably be a good time to snap out of it, “The game is in the later stages of pre-production, ready for production in the next few months, with many of the navigational and combat mechanics in place. We have complete autonomy and creative control over our own decisions. The Games Label at EA is 100% committed to this IP.”

The job posting states that the follow-up to the sci-fi spookfest is looking to “set new standards for an action-packed story-driven console experience” and that Visceral has “the same core team … in place to create an even better follow up.”

Ok then, Dead Space 2 in fall 2010?