Dante’s Inferno a lot like God of War? Well thanks!

Ever since EA first unveiled it, Dante’s Inferno has been compared to God of War. Some say it as a good thing while others have damned the game to hell for being too much like Sony’s premium franchise. But how do the folks at EA react when being told their hellish baby is too much like GoW? According to Jonathan Knight, the writer, producer and director of Dante’s Inferno, they don’t mind. At all.

“We never get sick of hearing it because it’s the greatest compliment we can be paid,” Knight said in the latest issue of Playstation: The Official Magazine. “We hope to be worthy of that … I hope those comparisons are being made because of our combat system and is just as responsive ~ the control over the character is very immediate, it’s very fast-paced, you can branch out of moves very easily, you feel very powerful and overall is a very fun game to play.”

Knight says the GoW devs are “at the top of their game” and that “there’s no question God of War III is going to be spectacular.” He’ll be the first in line to get it, in fact.