Retail not going anywhere any time time soon, Stardock’s Wardell believes

With the growth of services like Steam, the release of the 360’s Games on Demand service and the all-digital PSP Go, it appears we are moving away from the retail distribution model rather fast. But still, the industry’s a long way from going downloads-only. At least that’s what Stardock CEO Brad Wardell believes.

“A lot of people keep predicting digital distribution is going to kill off retail, and that’s not going to happen any time soon,” Wardell told Shacknews in an interview.

Wardell brings their own Demigod as an example and points out that even though the game’s available on Impulse (Stardock’s digital distribution service) it’s still selling more at retail, “Retail sales are still gigantic. Demigod has sold more copies at Walmart than anywhere else.”

“… right now we have a sale this week, you can get Demigod for $20 [on Impulse]. But I guarantee you that Walmart sold more copies this week than we did, even though we sold thousands and thousands of copies this week.”